Mackerel fishcakes

Mackerel fishcakes covered in breadcrumbs

These fishcakes are miles better than any shop bought and although time consuming well worth the effort. Also very cheap to make. Not to be attempted when you have hungry kids and time is not on your side, but if you can prepare in advance then it's a healthy and easy meal to come home to.
Most kids l know wouldn't eat mackerel on its own and this is a good way to get them to eat it.

Horseradish (not essential)
Plain flour
2 eggs whisked
(quite often l don't have breadcrumbs in so l cheat by using toast then putting this in the blender and actually this is much nicer than shop-bought anyway.)

Boil the potatoes. When cooked mash with little milk, salt and pepper then mix in with mackerel and teaspoon of horseradish and parsley.
Roll into small balls then flatten to make small fishcakes. Cover in flour, egg, then the breadcrumbs (tip: do each stage for all fishcakes one at a time to prevent too much mess, so cover them all in flour, then dip them all in the egg etc..)
Fry for couple of minutes each side then transfer to oven to ensure they're heated through.


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