l have a problem.....

.........everytime l go into TK Max l buy a scented candle. My husband can predict l will come home with one(or two). I stand there sniffing them all like pig snuffling for truffles. On these dark winter nights l love lighting a candle and they make your home welcome to anyone coming round (or in my case mask the smell of a chocolate labrador...hopefully!).

They make great present for Christmas and these l can definitely recommend.....

Neom £14.99 

These Neom candles smell very organic and l love the packaging. Last time l was in Homesense they had Moroccan Rose, Lime & Black Pepper and Sicilian Lemon & Basil .

DW Home £7.99

They keep changing the packaging on these but just keep an eye out for the name on the label 

A friend of mine has just launched her own range of candles which takes inspiration from her travels and l can't wait to try them out.



  1. I love the concept of Moss candles! It's a great idea combining pretty candles and scents that bring up memories :)
    I will surely check out your friend's website.
    Lucia x


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