One of the best holidays...

We've just returned from a blissful week in Norfolk. We've been many time before, always staying in different accommodation and we always have great holidays but this time was the best so far. This was because we've managed to find the perfect place to stay......

Laundry Cottage in Heydon is picture perfect; a fairy-tale cottage which wraps you up in its magical charms and hidden secrets as soon as you walk through the door. We'd had a fairly long journey and as we drove into Heydon with its old-world charm l was already impressed. Soon you come to the end of the village into a private estate where the road suddenly turns into a track through the woods. As you drive down to the bottom, suddenly there in a clearing the house appears as if you've opened up a pop-up Handsel and Gretel book. I couldn't believe it was ours for a whole week! We all tumbled out of the car like adventurers to inspect the cottage, racing up the winding stair-case and through the Jack and Jill bedrooms to see where we'd be sleeping. Steeped in history and stories from the years it immediately felt like home.
We had our own glade in the woods for the kids to explore and it was abundant with wildlife. Sat outside in the evening with a glass of wine listening to the various animals: owls, countless birds and deer calling to each other l could feel myself switching off. Poor wi-fi reception and a small TV meant that we didn't have the usual distractions and spent time playing hide and seek with the kids, talking until it grew dark or playing board-games.
Despite initial appearances the cottage was more than big enough for us and the three kids, with my mum even joining us for a few days.

Life seems to slow down here if you allow it and although we had plenty of days out we relished lazy mornings, walks in the woods, to the village tea-rooms for wonderful homemade cake or to eat hand-made pizza from the local bakery.

Sarah Bulwer-Long who owns Laundry Cottage and runs a B&B on the estate arrived to ensure we'd settled in ok and was a kind and generous host who clearly sees to it personally that her guests are happy.

We we definitely be returning again...hopefully soon as this place holds a place in my heart now.


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