Trans-seasonal dressing

We're at that time of the year where it's tricky to get dressed in the morning....and today has been one of those days. It was a magical sunny day with barely a cloud in the sky and you could almost be fooled into thinking it is Summer...until you step out of the door and remember it's still freezing. However l don't know about you but l'm always keen to shrug off my Winter coats and start getting out some of my (creased) long forgotten pieces.

In the last week these are some of the outfits l've been wearing......


However most of us struggle with this odd time of the year so l'm here to offer some tips on how to make the most of your wardrobe and maybe even bring out your Summer dresses (see below on where to buy similar pieces).

I love dresses and would wear them all the time if l could and they are perfect year round. When it's still chilly keep it practical by pairing them with chunky boots or a chunky sweater. 

For added chic and comfort pair with this contrast of a floaty dress with something casual and rather plain.

For added warmth and to add interest to the dress secure a scarf around the waist with a belt.

Trench coat
Yes l do have an obsession with this coat but so should you! Wear with you skinny jeans and simple t-shirt but then for added warmth secure a scarf around the waist with a belt. and it also gives the coat a nice cinched in shape.

I've had a couple of these in my wardrobe for years and it never fails to make a simple outfit like the one below look smart and is suitable for most occasions such as lunch out or a date.

Long cardigan
These are like a big comfort blanket and even look interesting when peeking out from underneath a shower coat. Perfect for layering and also look great with a dress as before.

Chunky Knit
Ok so l'm also obsessed with this item atm too but rightly so as they are a big trend. We've already seen how they keep a dress from looking too 'dressy' (!) and with shirts being a huge trend they look great as styled below, with skinny jeans....or even under dungarees.....

So where to buy these items? I've done the hard-work for you and sourced some similar styles........

Printed dress -£39.99

Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Black Floral Wrap Maxi Dress -£80

Longline Knitted Top - £32

Cable stitch jumper -£35.40

'Julianne' Sweater -£55
'Leo' Sweater -£25

Oversized Wool Scarf - £45

Mollie Jersey Blazer - £74.95

Mohair and Wool cardigan - £65

Herringbone Heritage Jacket-£70

Lucky Charm Studded Boots-£85

'Wild' Trench Coat - £90


  1. If you post one more thing about a trench coat I may need to buy one!!

  2. Luca it really is a must!! Sorry...know you were laying low on the shopping after l made you spend tons last time.

  3. Hello, I liked your blog, I think you have a really unique way of writing your posts and captivated me to read more posts, continue the awesome work! <3
    If you don't mind would be nice if you checked mine, maybe you will like also!

    Subscribed X <3

    ”Fashion Gets Fierce” whispers InĂªs aka Gamer Princess

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for the lovely feedback, it's much appreciated and when l hear comments like this it makes me want to continue. Please keep reading and share with friends. Will definitely check out your blog.x


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