Just a girl thing?

My days of going out every weekend have now passed however last night l went out with a great bunch of girls with whom l've spent many weekends getting up to no good with.
As the date loomed nearer we set up a Whatsapp group discussing where we should eat and drink (could have done with this app when l was 16!) and a week before discussing what each other was going to wear including photo's of outfits in order get an opinion.
This was part of the fun and sometimes l'd wake-up in the morning to 36 messages that had been sent whilst l was asleep. Now the night is over and we're all safely back at home l hope this group chat continues.
Surely men don't do this? Can't imagine them discussing what each other was going to wear in advance!

Another thing that l think is purely a girl thing is the enjoyment of getting ready to go out. For me this is all part of it and l can't wait until that point of the day when l can jump in the shower/bath to begin my rituals.
When l spend every morning rushing around l love spending ages putting on my make-up, glass of wine on the go and my favourite music playing.
Usually l have already decided on what l'm wearing and don't have the patience to do anything different with my hair plus it's too dangerous to attempt something only to have a mild panic when it all goes wrong.
I vividly remember when first l started going out at 16 (ahem) and having to sit and have dinner with my family first but not being able to eat as my stomach was in knots because l couldn't wait to go upstairs, put on a Ministry of Sound cd and get ready for the night ahead. These were the days when l could go out twice a week and mid-week too.
Again can't imagine men being quite like this?

Would love to know your thoughts and this on any rituals you have before you go out.


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