The most beautiful kids clothes

I have 3 children. A girl aged 9 and two boys aged 6 and 3. I love shopping for myself but l could go even more mad shopping for these guys.
When my daughter was born l loved popping into Zara to buy her beautiful smock dresses and wool shorts to pair with tights.  Unfortunately now she is 9 she has an opinion on what she will wear (thankfully l still have some sway) and l find that when l pop into my favourite shops to refresh her wardrobe every season (with 3 this is very expensive let me tell you!) l am so disappointed to see racks of t-shirts with naff sequinned motifs or leggings with Disney characters (she would wear this all the time if l let her).
My 6 year old will not wear anything that he deems smart which is a huge frustration and despite choosing things with him insists on returning to the same old Avengers t-shirt in his wardrobe.
Thankfully my 3 year old has no idea so l can get away with anything until my husband tells me l'm dressing him like a l would love to put him in wool shorts and socks like Prince George.

So the hight street has nothing to offer although John Lewis is always fairly fail-safe but nothing exciting there. If you want anything different you must look further afield and pay more however this for me would make it so expensive so l shop in the sales.

A brand l love and who understand how to dress children and keep them looking like children is

I have just bought this nightgown for my niece. Loving the Peter pan collar.

I want this smock dress for my daughter.....

For my 3 year old l would buy these.....

Another brand that l came across whilst on holiday in Italy is They cater for older children up to 14 years old and would be suitable for my son who wants to look grown-up.

Sometimes l have dreams of designing my own collection of clothes for kids (also still want to do a maternity range as the offering there is still slim) as l believe there is a need for it. When M&S brought out a range with Marie-Chantal which was beautiful but was received with frustration as it was only available in smaller sizes.



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